So you have a startup idea, perhaps some level of execution or traction, but you or your co-founders are doing it blind; you trudge along with a little advice or knowledge you’ve picked up in torrented audio books after finally having made that decision to quit the 9-5. You continue to build your venture as lean as possible and hit a personal make it or break it point with a couple of unsuccessful investor meetings and very little guidance. So what’s the next step? You have faith in your idea and your company but the littlest things are occupying the biggest blocks of your time and you feel like you’re getting tunnel vision.

I have to admit when I first walked through the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center to attend Blog World I asked myself why I was wasting my time. Yet “another networking event”. Haven’t I learned by now that it’s better to be disciplined, focused in my office, at the computer, than “on the go” in a daze at a conference. It almost felt like I was there merely out of habit having gone to numerous amounts of conferences over the years being a business owner.

Only a few weeks ago, Google executives announced that Google+ Pages for brands and companies were on the way. Anticipation of Google opening up the doors to businesses on Google+ has been a long awaited feature-add to their fast growing, and widely used platform. Well, by the end of today – according to Louis Grey – that wait will finally be over.

Thinking about applying to or ever wondered what its like taking part of an accelerator or incubation program? Well now is your chance to find out thanks to upStart.LA. The Santa Monica based startup accelerator, is inviting Los Angeles tech entrepreneurs for an evening of discussion highlighted by a panel of startup founders that have received funding from leading accelerators and incubators on Thursday, Nov. 10th from 7pm to 9pm at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (SMCA). The event will feature a panel of some of SoCal’s brightest entrepreneurs who have received funding from TechStars, Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and Idealab and will be moderated by upStart.LA’s Co-Founder, Dan Dato.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in last night’s Spotlight: LA Tech at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. In addition to the 330+ students, entrepreneurs and investors in attendance, the event also achieved over 45,000 views on the TechZulu live stream. If you missed it, or simply want to relive the moment, check out the rebroadcast above.

‘Facebook me,’ ‘tweet it,’ ‘Shazam that;’ in the world of tech, your name is not just a service or brand, it is your verb. The stakes have been raised. The goal is not only to create a brand but rather the hope of becoming everyday jargon referring to the action in which you provide. In the world of social, sharing, and online apps, becoming a verb may be the difference between life and death of a company.

Can you feel it folks? Cause I can. Excited to announce MuckerLab, a new startup accelerator and member of the TechStars Network, launched today in L.A. It’s a three-month program providing its selected startups with $21,000 in seed funding, plus the typical incubator benefits like shared office space, legal assistance, infrastructure and hosting, and mentorship from a network of advisors.

After months of submissions and the amazing help from our judges, the Spotlight is shinning down on awesome companies that were born right out of Southern California. For those who still might be wondering what Spotlight: LA Tech is all about, It’s a screening room for new technology homegrown in our region. It’s a gallery of great entrepreneurship. It’s a toast to those who build and innovate. It’s a gathering of friends and tech enthusiasts of all stripes.

I entered Pepcom’s Mobile Focus event with heightened excitement after driving through the busy intersections of Downtown San Diego’s rickshaw littered streets. I grew up in this city, so I never have a problem finding an excuse to set foot in my hometown; and even better to check out Pepcom’s vampire themed party with dozens of tech companies eager to show off their latest mobile gadgets, software, products, and perhaps, some innovations.

There’s no question of the monstrous boom in popularity and success of ‘Deal of the Day’ business models, and for good reason, due to a volatile world-wide economic climate. But with continuing success of mega coupon giants like Groupon and Living Social, we can infer that consumers are still willing to enjoy themselves and spend money, but would prefer to be thrifty and keep costs down. But what about for night life? It can’t be the most impressive thing in the world to take a beautiful date out for a night on the town and slap down a crinkled up printout from your email inbox, prominently displaying your thrifty ways. Might work for some, but probably not all. Especially in LA.