Some of the most successful brands to date are ones that have a history and a story. In this event, guests will learn how heritage brands today are using social media to reinforce their brand positioning and messaging in order to connect with their consumers, audience, and community. Join us for a presentation and workshop with industry leaders to gain the skills of a successful marketing strategy.

Marketing your startup can be one of the most daunting tasks an entrepreneur faces on their journey to world domination. Let’s face it– between finalizing your product for launch and working with developers to get the site or app up (or maybe you are a developer yourself), a marketing strategy, big or small, can feel like a bad hangover the same morning you need to go into work. Just make it go away…

CallFire creates simple text and voice platforms for businesses to use to reach their customers. CallFire’s growth has been tremendous: surpassing the 200,000 user mark, reaching the 200 million campaign mark for executing calls and texts campaigns, and a 100% growth in the past 12 months. Born on the shores of Santa Monica, California, the company is taking its beta-tested Cv3 platform out into the public today.

Today attention spans flicker in and out of focus every other second, so to maintain a captive audience is a huge feat. Video creators who take their YouTube business seriously have millions of viewers who tune in every week to engage with a new 3ish minute webisode. Doesn’t matter if a content creator can barely afford to pay rent, most will choose not to “sell out” in order to stay loyal to their fans. They understand without their fans, they are nothing. “People are doing it for the love, not to make money,” Larry Shapiro, Head of Talent at Full Screen.

Advertising your brand utilizing YouTube could increase revenue by millions in under a year. Billion dollar brands like GoPro built their empire marketing with video, but we don’t all have a sea of extreme sports athletes to upload thrilling footage. So here are the top 8 tips from 2 successful brands on what we can do to create engaging content and market our brands using YouTube as our platform.

The brands at the 4th annual VidCon weren’t there to learn video keyword strategies, they weren’t there to pretend to be cool, they were there to understand their audience. To immerse themselves in the culture where their potential customers are actively involved = YouTube. It’s a conference about the community, not as much a business conference.

Silicon Valley’s 9+, an accelerator founded by serial entrepreneur and company builder Peter Relan is investing $110,000 into game developers to quit developing games and shift to consumer, mobile, Big Data and wearable apps.

AdRev has been administering music copyrights and monetizing millions of YouTube videos for over two years. They have partnered with major recording labels such as Universal Pictures and Warner/Chappell Production Music. AdRev has claimed and monetized over 10 million YouTube videos for larger parties.’s new Amazon Art, is stocking over 40,000 works of fine art from over 150 prestigious galleries and dealers located around the country, including Paddle8, Holden Luntz and McLoughlin Gallery, Modernbook and Catherine Person.

Do you understand your true business costs? Do you know how much it really costs to run your business? If you don’t really understand your fixed and variable costs, how can you make sure that you are covering them?