Gone are the days of heading to your local video store and snatching up a cool indie flick or two to pair up with your take out and your summer blockbuster action flick. Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube and other content streaming sites have all but obliterated the independent DVD rental business of yesterday.

Ever wandered around your city with a friend on a random night trying to find something to do? Well, imagine wandering around your city and always knowing what’s going on and where it’s happening. SocialVents.com is a website and application (Android or iPhone) that tells you what’s going on in your area using the GPS function of your phone.

Join TechZulu and Digital LA’s panel on live streaming! And guess what?!? Yup, that’s right! TechZulu will be there to stream it all for your viewing pleasure starting at 7:30pm PST. The panel of experts will discuss when to stream (events, premieres, concerts, weekly live shows), technical setup (bandwidth, cameras, etc), getting the word out to increase views, distribution channels, and measures of success.

TechZulu and Digital LA have a real treat for all you comic fans out there! We have actor Thomas Jane (Hung, Punisher), Marvel, Graphic.ly, Dan Fraga, Joelle Sellner, and Hal Hefner. Join the discussion with digital comics, animation and games experts for the third annual Digital Comics panel.

Big news in the tech gaming industry with Zynga’s official filing of their S-1 with the SEC. With last week’s valuation rumors ranging in the dozen billion range, the company has officially filed for a $1 billion IPO and is estimated to be worth more than $15 billion. Zynga has best been known for mega…continue reading.

Starting up your own broadcasting network is no longer out of anyones reach. Dedication, hard work, a passion for what you love and of course a great internet connection. Andrew Zarian has always had a passion for broadcasting, and after being laid off decided he would follow his passion and make a carrer out of it.

In a sea of generic internship ads seeking ‘candidates with strong work ethic, attention to detail, good analytical skills, and of course, ability to take orders and accept under-compensation’ (okay, maybe not so blatantly on that last one), we stumbled upon quite an interesting tweet:

This installment of TZ Startup Hot Seat features Keith Petri, Co-Founder of iGottaGuide. We first learned about them during our trip to New York for BlogWorld & New Media Expo this past May. iGottaGuide is currently in New York Beta before they expand out to other cities. Like in all cities their is the guided tour then the “Real Tour”.

Long time TechZulu partner Stickam.com is hosting a Japan Relief Live and Webathon Benefit Concert. We want to help do our part as well and help them spread the word by embedding their Japan Relief player. This player allows users to donate directly and safely to GlobalGiving Foundation.

Silicon Valley was abuzz this week (though isn’t it always?).  More specifically, with a current ‘buzz’ industry: Augmented Reality.  For those unfamiliar, augmented reality (AR) refers to the use of graphical or informational overlays onto the real world to provide a mixed reality experience.  Science fiction stuff right?  Not really; prominent and largely used applications…continue reading.